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Gary Shafer Sr.


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Listening to Prostate Cancer

On this page I'll tell you about my recovery from prostate cancer......My incision is about 6 inches long. When i first got home from the hospital it hurt a lot to get up and down from a sitting or laying postion. On  Aug.15, 2001 i had a appointment to have the Catheter removed and right after that i could feel myself getting wet. I couldn't do anything about it even if i wanted to. Because i had no control over it. That day i used about 6 pads trying to stay dry. To help get this under control i started doing exercises called PELVIC MUSCLE EXERCISES.   When these muscles are weaken by surgery small amounts of urine may leak out with physical activity. This is called stress incontinence and affects both men and women. I'am still doing these exercises today and will have to do them the rest of my life. There's one good thing about the exercises it keep my butt tone! I now have the butt of a 20 year old thanks to the PELVIC MUSCLE EXERCISES.

Date of Birth: June 28,
Astrological Sign: Cancer