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A Survivor's True Story
Resume 2003


Resume 2003 | Breast Cancer | 2004 Mazda Tribute

To start things off, I am a Very Sensitive Type Person when someone attack's me personally, It's in my horoscope. But Once i start working for a company i become very Devoted to them. I think a Professional Company should be a good Communicater with all it's Employees.   

Class A Licensed Engineer....CFC Universal Cerification

My Specialty is in Air Conditioning and Chiller's

Completed Metasys Operators Training 1998

1993 to January 2003 Shriners Hospital

1990 to 1993 High Associates, LTD.

1985 to 1990 Maintenance Manager for Constuction Consultations 

1980 TO 1985  Miley Detective Agency, and other security companys as Inspector /Supervisor /Consultant

Email me at.....Questions or Answers

I have been employed for the last 25 years in the business of maintaining Hospitals and Apartment Complexes. I'am highly qualified in all aspects of the field of Maintenance and Security.